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According to USAID, 80 percent of Haitian teachers have not received any pre-service training. Consequently, the vast majority of Haitian teachers are not qualified to be instructing their students.
With your help, we can make this statistic obsolete.

Campaign Goal

Our total fundraising goal is $90,000. These funds will enable us to provide quality training to 1,500 Haitians, while allowing us to admit 150 of these educators into the P4H Teachers Association in 2018. Our fundraising goal reflects the cost of the supplies, curriculum books,
facility, security, meals, and the hiring of qualified trainers. Learn more about
the need for Teacher Training in Haiti. 

Our Strategy: The Haiti Teacher Pyramid

Our strategy is to provide intensive quality teacher training to Haitian educators. We begin with a general training open to the public. These trainings are recognized by the Haitian Ministry of Education and satisfy the annual professional development requirement for every
Haitian educator. Learn more about our Pyramid Strategy. 

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