According to USAID, 80 percent of Haitian teachers have not received any pre-service training. Consequently, the vast majority of Haitian teachers are not qualified to be instructing their students. With your help, we can make this statistic obsolete.

We, P4H Global, are a nonprofit that provides quality teacher training to educators in Haiti. Since 2012, we have had 2,130 Haitian Educators attend our Haiti Educator Conferences. Our trainings focus on topics such as classroom management, best pedagogical practices, student-centered learning techniques, and educator self-reflection. These trainings have led to sizable positive impacts on our teacher’s self-efficacy, confidence and knowledge gain. Because we believe that teachers are nation-builders, our vision is to see 100 percent of Haitian educators receive adequate training

We aim to aggressively address the severe lack of qualified teachers in Haiti by hosting educator trainings for 15,000 participants by 2028. Through these trainings, we will reach 1,650,000 Haitian students. Our commitment to Haitian educators does not end with a one-time training. Our intensive 3-day trainings will serve as a gateway to connect Haitian Educators to additional in-depth training and professional development opportunities.

Following our training, 10 percent of participants will have the opportunity to enroll in our P4H Haiti Teacher Association. Within this Teacher Association, members will have access to additional monthly specialized workshops, quarterly teacher forums, annual personalized classroom evaluations, mentorship opportunities and access to an educator networking database, among other resources.

Although we have the curriculum and trainers necessary for this endeavor, we are in need of the finances to move this vision forward- this is where you come in! The cost to provide an intensive 3-day training for one Haitian Educator is $50. Additionally, the cost to enroll one Haitian Educator into our Teachers Association for one year is $100. We are confident that an investment in the professional development of Haitian Educators will radically strengthen Haiti’s education system, leading to the rising of the nation of Haiti. With your support we will be able to significantly address the education crisis in Haiti!

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