Teacher Training in Haiti


In Haiti, 50% of public sector teachers lack basic qualifications, almost 80% of educators have not received pre-service training, and 25% of Haitian educators have not gone past secondary school. These facts have detrimental implications for educator motivation and educational quality in Haiti.

Our belief that training educators can help raise nations has led us to partner with educators through our Educator Professional Development Conference, held every summer. We bring experienced US educators to Haiti to hold a professional development conference aimed at increasing educator pedagogical knowledge and allowing Haitian educators a space to grow together. Sessions during these conferences focus on areas such as classroom management, self-reflection, assessments, and student monitoring. Our goal is to provide an avenue for educators in Haiti to gain skills which will positively impact their students. In the past 6 years of our Educator Conference we’ve had 2,500 Haitian Educators in attendance. Since 2012, we have reached 223,300 Haitian students by training their teacher. 52 school directors have attended our trainings. At least 23 schools have replicated our trainings in their facilities. Educators from 9 of Haiti’s 10 departments have attended our trainings. Over 100 US Educators have traveled to Haiti to provide quality training to Haitian Educators

This year, 2018, we plan on training 400 educators through this conference held July 2nd-4th, 2018 in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. If you are interested in attending this trip, please contact Priscilla Zelaya at priscilla@p4hglobal.org.