Our Strategy

Haitian Educators at a P4H In-School Professional Development Seminar in Cerca La Source, Haiti.

Haitian Educators at a P4H In-School Professional Development Seminar in Cerca La Source, Haiti.


Reaching Haiti's Educators

P4H Global (P4H) is a nonprofit committed to the training and equipping of Haitian educators through professional development. Teaching is a profession that carries much responsibility. Across cultures and nations, educators are widely seen as gatekeepers of the future. In response, P4H has partnered with Haitian educators since 2012. The need for well-trained Haitian educators cannot be overstated. According to the World Bank, approximately 80% of Haitian educators lack adequate training. As a result, Haitian classrooms are marked by rote memorization and an authoritarian, teacher-centered approach. Ongoing teacher education programs are needed in order for the next generation of Haitian students to receive the quality instruction they need to succeed. Research has shown that quality teacher training directly impacts student success.  With the professional development opportunities that P4H offers, Haitian teachers grow in knowledge and skills to meet the distinct needs of their students. Special emphasis is placed on a student-centered approach to teaching during the trainings.  

Our goal is to see 100% of Haitian educators using student-centered, engaging pedagogy.


  1. In-School Educator Professional Development for Haitian Schools (EPD)

    • In-School EPD is an intensive 3-year program focused on long-term educator empowerment through research-based strategies.

    • The program includes 72 contact hours, a Pedagogical Resource Book, Director Training, Teacher Observation Plans, School Assessment & Diagnostic, as well as admission into the Annual EPDC.

    • This program is led by our full-time staff of Education Specialists in Haiti.

  2. National Educator Professional Development Conference (EPDC)

    • The EPDC is an Annual Conference where we invite US educators to share their expertise of research-based strategies with Haitian educators.

    • The conference is open to educators from all over the country and is held during the month of July.

    • The conference allows Haitian educators the opportunity to learn of new strategies and network with educators from the entire country.

  3. Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI)

    • P4H's Trainers will host a weekly 2-hour radio show focused on sharing research-based pedagogical strategies with Haitian teachers around the country.

  4. Mobilization of P4H's Teacher Association

    • P4H Haiti Education Leaders gather together in this association to continually train and learn from one another.

    • These individuals are responsible for the recruitment and planning of the Annual EPDC and are our Trainers for the In-School EPDs.

  5. Research & Evaluation

    • We are invested in tracking our impact and ensuring that we are meeting the needs of Haitian educators. This is accomplished through ongoing evaluation at every step of our strategy.

Note: All our programs are conducted in Haitian-Creole. 

P4H Pedagogical Training Topic Areas

  • Foundational Education Theories

  • Classroom Management

  • Collaborative Learning & Engagement

  • Lesson Planning

  • Assessments

  • Self Reflection

  • Leadership Development

Our Past Reach

  • In the past 7 years of our Educator Conference we have had over 3,500 Haitian Educators in attendance

  • Since 2012, we have reached 260,500 Haitian students by training their teachers

  • 65 school directors have attended our trainings

  • At least 31 schools have replicated our trainings in their facilities

  • Educators from 9 of Haiti’s 10 departments have attended our trainings in Cap-Haitien

  • Over 120 US Educators have traveled to Haiti to provide quality training to Haitian Educators


Our teacher training is done in partnership with the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies.


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