A Look Back - Teacher Training Summer 2018

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We, P4H Global, have trained over 3,000 Haitian Educators since 2012. With the vision of transforming Haiti’s education system, we developed a new in-depth program, our In-School Professional Development Program. This is the most intensive and holistic educational training program that we have offered to date. While it has long been our goal to see 100% of Haiti’s educators trained through our Educator Professional Development Strategy, we believe that this new effort will inspire, train, and mold Haiti’s teachers like never before.

In recent months, we have traveled to eight new schools across the country to train over 100 educators.  Our Education Specialists delivered a three-day intensive workshop on a variety of research-based practices that bring an interactive, engaging and student-centered approach into Haiti’s classrooms.  We observed significant growth and knowledge-gain in participants over the course of these three days. In a pre/post exam on core educational theories and practices, educators’ average scores improved from 42% to 87% over the course of the training. This growth is an essential first step in seeing a transformation in teaching practices that will lead to a generation of better-educated students.


While our team is inspired by the impact of our initial trainings, we know that our work is far from over.  Marking the first stage of a three-year effort, we will continue to provide annual trainings, ongoing observations, and evaluations to each of our eight current partner schools.  This will ensure that their nearly 4,000 students are provided the education that they need to transform their country.

If you are interested in partnering with us to help bring this training to all of Haiti’s schools, or if you would like information on how to bring this program to your organization, you can find more information at p4hglobal.org/inschool-professional-development.

Scott Miller