Our Strategy

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Reaching Haiti's Educators

According to USAID, over 80% of Haitian Educators are not trained or qualified to be teaching. We desire to see100% of Haitian educators trained. In an effort to aggressively address the severe lack of trained teachers in Haiti, we equip teachers throughout the entire country.

The image above shows the reach of our Teacher Training Program. We provide trainings to Educators in 4 main regions. Region 1 covers the North, North East, and North West departments. Cap-Haitien is home to our headquarters. We host our Annual Educator Professional Development Conference in Region 1, which allows teachers from every region to come together once a year in a national conference. Additionally, we host monthly workshops for teachers in this region. 

Region 2 covers the Center and Artibonite departments. Trainings for this region are held in Hinche. Region 3 covers the West and South East departments. Trainings for this region are held in Port-au-Prince. Region 4 covers the Grand Anse, South, and Nippes departments. Trainings for this region are held in Jérémie. 

We are confident that through our efforts all Haitian educators can be reached with sound pedagogical preparation. 

Pedagogical Training Topic Areas

  • Foundational Education Theories

  • Lesson Planning

  • Assessments

  • Classroom Management

  • Collaborative Learning & Engagement

  • Self Reflection

  • Leadership Development

  • Mathematics Strategies

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies

  • Science Stratgies

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Teacher Training Pyramid

In each region, we begin with a general training open to the public. These workshops are recognized by the Haitian Ministry of Education and satisfy the annual professional development requirement for every Haitian educator.

Our Educator Conference serves as a gateway for Haitian educators to receive further training as they enter into our Haiti Teachers Association. Educators in the Teachers Association receive further specialized training and professional development opportunities. Teacher Association Members are then able to become Teachers Association Leaders, and then Master Teachers. This pyramid is designed to cultivate a culture of excellence     among like-minded educators, who are ready to see their country rise. 

Our Past Reach

  • In the past 6 years of our Educator Conference we have had over 2,500 Haitian Educators in attendance
  • Since 2012, we have reached 223,300 Haitian students by training their teachers
  • 52 school directors have attended our trainings
  • At least 23 schools have replicated our trainings in their facilities
  • Educators from 9 of Haiti’s 10 departments have attended our trainings in Cap-Haitien
  • Over 100 US Educators have traveled to Haiti to provide quality training to Haitian Educators


Our teacher training is done in partnership with the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies.


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