School Director Reflections

P4H Global requires every School Director to attend the In-School Professional Development trainings. Their participation ensures that educators in the program feel supported and accountable for using the strategies throughout the year.

We believe that student success begins with faculty and staff united in vision for their school and in strategies used to reach their students. 

The following quotes reflect the attitudes and reflections from School Directors who have participated in the In-School Professional Development Program. 


Dippy Adolphe - Primary School Director

"My teachers have said that they have never encountered a training that has been executed at this level. They say that the P4H trainers took a lot of care in making sure they learned...This training is really different than every other training I’ve attended. It built off the knowledge I already knew in a way that put me in a great environment. Yes, the benches were very hard, but that did not stop us from enjoying the whole day in the conference. The pastor of the church asked me to evaluate whether or not we need P4H to return every year. For me, I only want P4H to come train my teachers because the environment of this training allowed us to have a shared common spirit and desire to change. "

Placide Romelus -  Secondary School Director

“This training was important for my teachers because they testify to how they have used beatings and embarrassing students as methods of classroom management in the past. Now, they have decided to use other research-based strategies to engage students because of the training you all gave them. The teachers believe that this training will help create a new type of education in Haiti.”



Against Isaac - Primary School Director

“We really needed this training because P4H came and did a preliminary observation and saw our pedagogical training needs. The teachers found that P4H’s curriculum was well organized. The teachers want P4H to continue doing their training and create other types of training so that they will always learn with P4H.”

Nadine Senatus - Primary School Director

"In other trainings, I usually just sit and assist, but the P4H training made me engage and participate. There was no sleeping or even sleepiness in this training! After the first day we were eager for the second day of training. There were so many happy hearts in this training. It was really entertaining. One of the things that made this training so different than other organization’s training is that you all want to stay connected with us after the training. Your attitude is like that of a pastor who wants to always keep followers strong in the faith.”



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