In-School Professional Development



We are committed to the training and equipping of Haitian educators through professional development. Our 72-hours In-school Educator Professional Development (EPD) provides participants with research-based, student-centered strategies that transform classroom culture. This training is conducted over a three-year span. All materials and trainings are hosted in Haitian Creole and are designed to engage educators in collaborative learning structures. Discussions, debates, group challenges, and other constructivist activities are used to engage participants. All participants are seen as co-creators in the P4H EPDC training experience as they bring their knowledge and rich experiences into each session.

Training Highlights

  • Training conducted in Haitian-Creole

  • Led by P4H's Education Specialists in Haiti

  • Highly Engaging, Learner-Centered Environment

  • 72-hours of Intensive, Research-Based Professional Development (over 3 years)

  • Training includes Observation Plan Follow-Up during School Year

  • P4H Pedagogy Research Book

  • School Assessment and Diagnostic Report

  • Average Participant Score Before Program - 42.4% ; After Program - 87.3%


Topic Areas for Training

Year 1

Foundational Educational Theories
Classroom Management
Collaborative Learning and Engagement

Year 2

Lesson Planning

Year 3



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